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The relationship between your health and your environment

Posted at 7:54 PM on October 7, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

MPR's All Things Considered ran a three-part series about the connections between your health and your environment. The pieces looked at where we live, access to fresh food & physical activity, and finally in how health awareness can be part of what we learn... at school. Excerpts:

"If you live in certain ZIP codes in the Twin Cities you will live five, seven or eight years less," said Paul Mattessich, executive director of Wilder Research in St. Paul. "Or say it more dramatically, you will die five, seven or eight years sooner than people who live in other zip codes because of the different community factors."
- Income, ZIP code, education are good indicators of health, MPR Reporter Lorna Benson
"In the beginning, the planning commissioners were saying, 'What are you doing here? You people are not planning experts,'" notes [Dr. Richard Jackson, chair of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of California-Los Angeles]. "But over time, a lot of these are common-sense ideas. Everyone knows old people, young people ought to be able to go about their lives without being completely dependent on cars. Everybody knows that people ought to have access to healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and a diverse diet."
- Availability of fresh food, exercise linked to healthy living, MPR Reporter Stephanie Hemphill
"Do we assume that a child knows how to think mathematically or do multiplication tables? No, they learn that from us," [Jackson Elementary Principal Patrick Bryan] said. "We should assume that they do not have the knowledge in their heads of what necessarily makes for the healthy relationship between diet and exercise, rest and physical health."
- Health and your environment: School, MPR Reporter Tom Weber

Each interview quote is just the tip of the topic, but MPR also wants to quote you. Read or listen to each full feature, and then share your comments. We open the topic to your own assessment: What part of your life has the greatest impact on your health?

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