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MPR asks you the questions that matter

Posted at 9:07 AM on September 3, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

For media organization, we make sure we ask a lot of questions. Take a look at some of recent items that invite you to respond:

* The shopping mall, or the common good? The commentary by Gordon C. Stewart is actually about taxes, and you're invited to comment on his perspective.

* Could a gory video make you a better driver? Today's Question brings me back to the educational safety films that are still far to vivid for my taste. Perhaps that would indicate effectiveness, perhaps not. Add your own answer on Today's Question.

* Do we have a moral responsibility to retire? Bob Collins hosts an opinion poll in this entry on News Cut. At time of writing, 82% of respondees said, "No."

* Better days ahead for Minnesota manufacturing? On MinnEcon, MPR's Paul Tosto keeps track of economic data. Share your own experience and help us cover the story.

* Will you tell us a story? In the Loop wants you to leave them a voicemail. Share your own story, a perspective on the news, or get creative with a short song or poem. Think: under two minutes short. Call (651) 228-4886 and who knows, maybe you'll end up in a podcast.

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