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What is your most pressing health care need?

Posted at 6:08 AM on September 14, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Our Public Insight Network team partnered with ProPublica (a nonprofit investigative reporting outlet) to better uncover how the health care system currently affects the people who use it.

The stories come in from all over and cover concerns of all types. For instance, Randolph Carter of Raleigh, NC writes that he is afraid of getting a check-up, because it could establish a pre-existing condition:

Our system is broken. My company recently changed health care providers and the process included filling out a five page form detailing *any* possible pre-existing conditions that could be used to exclude us from coverage. At the age of 48 I am becoming afraid to have a check-up. If they do find something serious, I fear I will never be able to get insurance again and, given the cost of health care, I'll become homeless. Our system has run away from us. It is costly, time-consuming, and full of unpleasant surprise traps for patients. We need an alternative.

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