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It's official: Favre is a Vike, and fans are talking

Posted at 11:30 AM on August 19, 2009 by Eliza Hartley

Yesterday, former Packer and infamous quarterback Brett Favre signed a multi-million dollar deal to play with the Minnesota Vikings for the coming season. Obviously this decision, after his previous decision to stay retired and his history as a cheesehead, has prompted lots of reaction from fans, Minnesotans, and Wisconsinites - some are calling it all "Favre-palooza." Check out this video of fan reactions MPR NewsQ.

We've also got a live discussion going on Gather.com. Here's what's been said so far about the, now purple, Number 4's decision:

Jenny D. writes: I'm a huge Favre fan and I would love to see him play for the Vikings simply because of the drama of it all. :)

Winston Smith adds:
Put health care on hold! Put Pawlenty on hold! Oh, man, put the State fair on hold!

Did Michael Jackson die again? Almost! Brett Favray is coming to the Vikes!

James Frisk comments:
I am glad to see Brett with the Vikings. Now, at least twice a year he can exact his revenge on the Packers. I used to like the Packers until they let Brett go. Brett played so hard in Green Bay, even when he was hurt. Green Bay showed no loyalty to him, they should have let him retire there. Go Vikings!

Join the discussion at mnlife.gather.com and be sure to tune in today at noon CT to Midday, when Gary sits down with longtime sports writer and former Star Tribune columnist Jim Klobuchar to talk about Favre's decision and the popularity of football. Of course, if you miss it, check back later on MPR NewsQ for an archive. Favre-palooza - as one veteran Viking put it - indeed.

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