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Battle of the sexes - Do women or men make better bosses?

Posted at 8:48 AM on August 6, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

This may be an interesting online discussion:

Thursday in the 10 o'clock hour of Midmorning, Kerri Miller talks to experts Sharon Meers (author of Getting to 50/50) and Judy Rosener (professor emerita at the UC Irvine School of Business and author of many articles) about whether women or men make better bosses in the workplace. Listen in at 10 a.m. CDT and add your comments here.

According to Midmorning, new research suggests that women are better at building relationships in the workplace, but men are more likely to take more risks on the job. In your opinion, which behaviors make for better bosses? Do women or men make better bosses?

Does it depend on whether someone is male or female, on the individual, or on our personal perceptions? So far in the discussion two (women -
Karen G. and Patty Mayonaise) have indicated a preference in working for men. The user WARIO BROTHERS outlines some past experiences and wonders, "Do women make better bosses for employees or for the administration? Since they are two different groups and have two different interests." And I can't help but contemplate what Larry M. wrote:

"The variables given are not the most important ones for being a good boss. I think that women are more likely to be good bosses in the workplace of the future and that men were better bosses in the workplaces of the past. We are in that time of transition."

Is this just about social evolution?

* Listen to MPR Midmorning: What women know about being a boss
* Join the open discussion on mnlife.gather.com: Battle of the sexes - Do women or men make better bosses?

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