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Tell us about the low-tech devices you love

Posted at 10:17 AM on August 11, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Books. Fountain pens. Rotary dial telephones. All things that have digital equivalents, but all things listed in the answers to Today's Question: What low-tech device do you refuse to give up?

Other answers include

"I love my original text messaging system - Morse Code. As a Boy Scout and later Amateur Radio Operator, I have used Morse Code for over 40 years. It's much faster than newer text messaging systems and more accurate than voice messaging.

Now...if I could only figure out a way to interface my Morse Code keyer to my cellphone..."
- Posted by Leslie Hittner

"I use a compass in my car to navigate the general direction that I'm driving. It is not as fancy as a Garmin GPS, but it won't bark the wrong direction while you're driving at 60mph on the highway."
- Posted by Dan

"My radio. I have had an am/fm clock radio since 1970 and i still use one 39 years later. This is about as low tech as it gets, but is key in my routine."
- Posted by John

What low-tech device do you love? Share your own reply to Today's Question.

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