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Discussing the drinking age and rock & roll shows

Posted at 11:03 AM on July 27, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

This morning I caught up on a News Cut discussion about Minneapolis City Councilwoman Lisa Goodman's proposal restricting 18+ shows to a no-booze standard. From Ken Paulman's piece, The kids are alright. Or are they?:

[...] that raises the larger question: Is banning 18-21 year olds from music venues an effective strategy to combat underage drinking? If they're already drinking elsewhere, how does banning them from a concert where the security staff is actively trying to prevent them from drinking cause them to drink less?

Paulman raises some strong questions. I couldn't wait to get to the comments.

"suck it up, and admit that we aren't any better than the rest of the civilized world - and lower the drinking age to 18.

It is a never ending source of hypocrisy that I legally mature enough at 18 to sign a 30-year mortgage, have sex, get married, and open credit cards - but somehow I'm incapable of making an adult decision about drinking alcohol.

I sincerely do not believe that having a drinking age of 21 actually makes any difference in the public's health. It's pandering to the puritanical a 'feel good' system of laws." - Posted by Elizabeth T

"The real battleground needs to be drinking and driving and we are still doing a poor job of enforcement. Lack of transit makes it impossible." - Posted by Bonnie

"Would this apply to the Opera where drinks are served at intermision? Bad idea." - Posted by barb millard

Add your comments and keep up with News Cut.

Note: Bob Collins is on vacation. News Cut will be updated by MPR NewsQ staff.

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