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Al Franken wins Minnesota Senate Race

Posted at 3:52 PM on June 30, 2009 by Eliza Hartley

Julia's off this week, so I, digital media intern Eliza Hartley, am filling in for her a little here on Objects in Mirror.

We finally have an outcome in the 2008 Minnesota Senate Race. Al Franken has won.

Seven months after ballots were initially cast in the Nov. 4 Senate election, and after 30 days of deliberations, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Tuesday afternoon in Al Franken's favor. Shortly afterward, Norm Coleman made a statement in which he conceded the race, and soon after Pawlenty signed the election certificate. MPR's Elizabeth Baier and Elizabeth Stawicki have been on top of this. Read their story here.

What's your take on this outcome? Was it what you expected it to be? Did it happen in a way that you expected? What should Senator-elect Al Franken's priorities be? What will be his greatest challenges?

Join the discussion on Gather.com, or help out our Public Insight Network and tell us your take on Franken vs. Coleman. We want to hear your perspective. I'll step back and listen.

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