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Do you think college is worth the money?

Posted at 9:24 AM on June 2, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

From the comments on News Cut, I see there are multiple aspects to the issue of college enrollment... and tuition. Some replies to Bob Collins' question:

"College is worth the money when it it's affordable; i.e., when parents and students don't have to mortgage the next twenty years of their lives to pay for it."
- Posted by Bob

"It depends. $30 grand a year for a history degree is probably not a smart economic move, if you're looking to leave college and find a high-paying job in order to pay off the loan. On the other hand $30 grand a year for an engineering degree might be more fiscally prudent."
- Posted by bsimon

"To me this question is not all that far off from 'Are Kids worth the money???' why have kids when you know they cost an arm and a leg, and will prevent you from having a cushy retirement etc. Why own pets, they are expensive to maintain. I don't question that the costs have skyrocketed, but not all educational opportunities and the related expenses should be evaluated based on an economic 'payoff'. These are important life enhancing experiences...or should be. A liberal arts college is not a vocational school. Yes, I'm rationalizing the small fortune I am still paying off to send a child to private liberal arts, but I think said child has benefitted immensely."
- Posted by Bonnie

Weigh in: Is college worth the money?

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