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Instant runoff voting: Yes, No, Maybe?

Posted at 10:04 AM on May 11, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

As Minneapolis gave their new ballot count process a test run, my colleagues in the newsroom came up with a nifty video explaining how instant runoff voting works for the voters.

"Instant runoff voting is also called ranked-choice voting, because it allows voters to rank the candidates for an office in order of preference. So you still get to pick the candidate you like the most, but you can also indicate which one your second and third choices."
Like so:

- from Curtis Gilbert's feature, Instant runoff voting exercises election judge fingers

Where do you stand on runoff voting? Does your city / community use it? If not, how would it impact your community?

Join the online discussion: Instant runoff voting: Yes, No, Maybe? Be sure to rank your choices in order.

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