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Mary Lucia and the chicks

Posted at 9:33 AM on May 20, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

A great band name, no? Sorry about the blog title bait-and-switch, but I don't do it very often so maybe you'll see fit to give me a pass after watching the latest segment from The Current's Lucia Pets series:

You can share your comments with Mary herself on The Current music blog or just plain share the video.

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Reactions to Obama's call for cleaner cars

Posted at 3:28 PM on May 20, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Marketplace reported Obama wants cleaner cars by 2016. How clean? 35 mpg by 2016. According to the article auto makers are game and the Obama administration's position is that additional costs will balance out... But I had to wonder what consumers thought. The online discussion reveals varied reactions to this:

"Perhaps Americans need to change their habits and not buy 'bigger vehicles'. It's not simply a question of personal choice - it's a question of global responsibility."
- Sheryl O.

"BS. Plus Obama talks about how people will save in the long run by savings on gas. Well guess what we've already seen how well that worked out. Last year when gas prices were so high people quit driving alot and guess what happened. Highway department revenues when down because people weren't buying as much gas so less taxes were collected to fund highway projects. State solutions? Raise taxes to make up the lost revenue. So guess what we're still gonna pay just as much if not more to keep revenue at high enough levels.

So we're gonna save nothing. We're just gonna get screwed yet again."
- Charles M.

[Replying to Sheryl O.] "Really so those of us who have bigger families should do what? Throw them on the hood of the little car and say hold on. For some a bigger vehicle is not a choice it is a necessity."
- Chris E.

Considering 2016 is six years, seven months, and 12 days from today, we have time to discuss this change.

* Share your tips for living a sustainable life or start a discussion on sustainability.gather.com

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