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Posted at 9:30 AM on May 19, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Which blog entries may prove useful to you for creating conversations? Well...

* Got opera? Classical Notes shares a video of a tenor performing for...cows.

* Polinaut. All of it, or at least the archive for Monday, May 18, 2009.

* News Cut's update on gays in the pulpit. I can't believe the comments are that quiet.

* New name for "Our Wildest Dreams" (and Movie Natters helped.) A happy nod to Euan Kerr.

* Ahhh, lilac weather. Learn more, courtesy Updraft.

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Discussing the 2009 Minnesota legislative session

Posted at 3:33 PM on May 19, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Since the session adjourned without a budget deal, I opened an online discussion about Minnesota's fiscal and political uncertainty. What are the implications? What grade would you give the legislature this year?

Some replies:

"So ... Pawlenty has made himself the Czar of Minnesota?"
- Peter Joseph Swanson

"Given the fact that the Governor presented his (initial) version of a budget in January, and the Democrat-controlled legislature piddled around until May, I have no sympathy for the Legislature's position, and the Democrat's role in this fiasco in particular."
- Jim H.

"What grade would I give the legislature this year? EE for Excellent Effort. A for willingness to compromise. A for legislation passed and sent to the guv.

What grade would I give the governor this year? I for Incomplete; he failed to show up. 133 (calendar) days preening oneself for a position in the Federal Government may pass as leadership, in a sense, but he should have taken four months off from the 2010/2012 campaigns and paid some attention to the plight of his Minnesota constituency, especially those of us out here in Greater Minnesota."
- Dan Martin

"No, he's not the CZAR. EVERYTHING HE'S DOING IS LEGAL AND PER MINNESOTA LAW! They had 5 months to come up with a solution, they didn't. Now State law says he can do this. So he will. 'E-85? What's this? Quiz Bowl?' Remember that?"
- Winston Smith

Agree? Disagree? There are multiple perspectives. Share your own comments about session 2009.

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