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Twitter Follow Friday: @TheCurrentSXSW

Posted at 1:55 PM on March 20, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Twitter.com members have a "Follow Friday" in which people recommend people to follow. I'll use this day to point out Minnesota Public Radio or American Public Media staff accounts that may be fun (or informative, after all this is public media) for you to track.

This week is a short one. Not just a short explanation, but a low commitment on your part because the account has a brief active life: TheCurrentSXSW. The Current's Music Director Melanie Walker and Program Director Jim McGuinn are tweeting their experiences in Austin, Texas. They'll also share audio updates, blog posts and pictorial proof of the festive nature that is SXSW.

New to Twitter? It can be described as public texting or microblogging. Each message is restricted to 140 characters. You don't have to sign up or follow TheCurrentSXSW to see the updates.

* Have both a Twitter account and suggestions for people to follow? Tag your Tweet with #followfriday and indicate someone to follow like @TheCurrentSXSW
* Get updates on SXSW from The Current on Twitter: TheCurrentSXSW
* Use TheCurrent to get the playlist on-the-go
* Follow MPR News on Twitter
* Twitter Search on the term Follow Friday

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