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Share your take on across-the-board method of cutting Minnesota's budget

Posted at 3:21 PM on March 13, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

newscutpollonmnbudget.jpg At time of writing 64% of the people responding to News Cut's opinion poll oppose across-the-board cuts. What do you think?

Is it a play to create a domino effect?

"It is reverse psychology. Pogemiller says education needs to get cut. Everyone says no, then he says well if you don't want to cut it lets raise taxes more not to cut it.

I don't agree with cutting education, but we need to do something to wake up the education system to reorganize. That is where they will find more money. The St. Paul Superintendent is leaving, lets merge the administrative staffs between St. Paul and Minneapolis and let Green be Superintendent of both.

Then work your way down the line. Every administrative department can be merged without one difference at the schools level except you can give them more money for teachers because of the positions that will not be needed after you merge.

Fewer bosses and more line workers will make for better schools." - bigalmn

Is it just sinking Minnesota's budget?

"Unless we want to become a cold Mississippi, we need more revenue for education and for programs that aid the less advantaged. It is a Bizarro World notion to think that cutting spending in areas that should be increased will boost either the short or long-term viability of our state. All such cutting will do is lead us into a mondo hole from which we will never be able to climb out." - Bob

Or is it just... politics?

"Given the last eight years of federal spending deficits, I would think that people would be used to the new breed of Spend-icans replacing the Spend-ocrats." - Jim

Read and comment on News Cut.

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