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Discussion: Is there a band that's no longer together that you'd like to see reunite?

Posted at 4:42 PM on March 5, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

The Musicheads wonder... Is there a band that's no longer together that you'd like to see reunite?

Some answers so far:

"Talking Heads! When I first heard their "Take Me To The River" in 1978 I was hooked - I knew there was something out there beyond the (yawn!)...other...stuff that was being played on the radio at the time." - Kari Olson

"I must be too old, I vote Grand Funk Railroad.

Not only did they part ways but they down right hate each other. I would like to talk to Mark Farner the lead guitarist about his HATE. He went on to play Christian music but he sounds so hypocritical singing about God but has hate towards his old band members." -Rude D.

"Does anybody remember a few years back when Bob Mould and Grant Hart got on stage together for one night and put to rest any hope for a reconciliation? I'd love to see Husker Du back together as much as anyone, but what would be the point? They wouldn't be able to write new music because they just can't work together. They could perhaps reunite like KISS and play old songs while avoiding eye contact with each other, but I'd rather remember them as they were. The Suburbs get together every few years and revisit the past so catch them when you can. The Replacements without Bob Stintson would be just sad.

If Brad Roberts would sober up and apologize for his Winnipeg Folk Fest meltdown, I'd love to see the Crash Test Dummies put out one more album. Call me a dork, but I'd love to see Journey reunite with Steve Perry and then for the mother-of-all unlikely reunions, ABBA." - Eryc Leaf

Add your favorite disbanded band to the list!

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