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Discussing atheism

Posted at 2:39 PM on March 4, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Our open online discussion about atheism is very measured and interesting so far. Some excerpts:

"Ironically, it seems that nowadays, atheists are some of the biggest evangelicals of all. The irony is that many of them were put off mainstream religion by evangelicals there, but now the atheists have become proselytes to their own cause. [...] " - Frank C

"I find Dawkins very annoying. It isn't particularly hard to convert people to atheism. Look around, it's easy not to believe in God.

Big deal.

The much harder trick is in encouraging others to have faith in something bigger than yourself, better than yourself, in that giving something away, you get something back. Anybody who can sincerely do that, and I'm not talking about the opportunistic that call themselves men of God so they can drive a Cadillac paid for by donations from the poor that are supposed to go to the poor, impresses me." - Julia Star

" [...] Some athiests only want their conversations void of religious context, others are openly disdainful of religious or spiritual expression. It doesn't matter to me that someone has come to the conclusion that there is no God or deity. Seriously, I'm sure he understands. As it is said, the unexamined life holds no meaning." - Dan C.

There's plenty of places to talk about the subject. At time of writing Bob Collins has 71 comments to his blog entry about the show, and Griff Wigley linked to his Northfield, Minn. based blog entry: How atheist-friendly is Northfield?

More from MPR:
* Midmorning audio for Dawkins seeks more converts to atheism:

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