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Which songs complement winter weather?

Posted at 5:47 PM on February 4, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

This week's Musicheads question focuses on the perfect wintry mix:

During this colder-than-usual winter, do you have any music you like to put on that complements the weather and helps make the season a bit more enjoyable?
Right out of the gate the first few answers speak to the chill:
"Agalloch - The White..definitely in the Fall and Winter works well." - soundscapemn.

"Assuming I'm not suffering a severe case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I really like complimenting the snow and ice with pleasantly chilly sounds, rather than trying to fight the white stuff with visions of palm trees. I think Bon Iver is actually the perfect winter music in this respect. Low is great too, as is a lot of the old slowcore repertoire -- like Codeine and Red House Painters." - Steve Seel, Host for The Current and Musicheads Producer

"A very wintery song for me is 'Staralfur' by Sigur Ros. the piano arpeggios are perfect accompaniment to watching the snow falling, sitting in a cabin by a fire, and sipping some coffee." ~ Frick! The Discount Musical Pranksterâ„¢~

Join the online discussion to share your picks for music that matches the weather.

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