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End of the year fun

Posted at 9:48 AM on December 31, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Well, it might not all be carnival fun, but public radio fun... Here are a few 2008 closers I discovered around our site:

* Midday at 11 a.m. CT discusses a forgettable year for the economy. Chris Farrell steps into the studio to review the economy's performance in 2008. There may be a difference between forgettable and wanting to forget...

* Dale Connelly on Trial Balloon wonders what you are doing on New Year's Eve. According to the online poll, staying home to watch Muppet movies is in the lead.

* On Classical Notes, John Birge shares a YouTube video about ending 2008 on a high note. How high? You won't thank him for the experience, that's for sure.

* David Zingler, a Bleacher Bum, shares scenes from the [Viking] season. Please post links to your own sports photos.

* Combining the best of both worlds (without the ear splitting audio) Bob Collins shares a video comprised of photos: The year in review. Eirik Solheim's video is a nice way to wrap things up, here.

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