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What music did you listen to in 2008?

Posted at 11:30 AM on December 21, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

The Musicheads discuss the state of music this past year. They have an annual review in two parts. Some of you chimed in already, and here are some excerpts:

"...But i have to admit that i spent a lot of the year listening to old music that was released, reissued, or remastered. live albums by Otis Redding, The Clash and The Replacements catalog stand out to me." - Andrew P.

"My picks for best song: 'Tight Tee Shirt' -Benji Hughes 'Time to Pretend' - MGMT 'Let Me Go On' - Seabird" - Lance T

"You know,... I think I honestly have to say that my favorite song of the year might just have to be 'The Righteous Path' by the Drive-By-Truckers. totally rockin' and yes, awesome. 'Tryin' to hold steady on the righteous path'... If you can't listen to the song, google the lyrics. timely and timeless and so right on." - Wells T.

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