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Name your favorite percussion part

Posted at 2:14 PM on November 12, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Looks like the Musicheads are making their way through the band with their weekly questions. Bill DeVille explains in his online discussion:

"...I posed a follow-up question to last week's keyboard query - asking, what song contains your all-time favorite percussion part?"
Some excerpted answers:
"...mine is 'Flim' By The Bad Plus or 'Salmon Jump Suit' by Happy Apple. In fact anything with Dave King playing drums is amazing. He IS an amazing drummer. Anyone disagree? ..." - Eliot Larson

"far too many to list off..but 2 of them that come to mind Rush - 'Natural Science' Pat Metheny - 'First Circle'..Paul Wertico plays the most precise and accurate cymbal work I've ever heard on any song. It's so crisp and clean." - soundscapem n.

"...I'm a huge fan of the classic drummers like Bonham & Moon but i would have to say that one of my all time favorite drum parts is the intro to "Dreams burn Down" by Ride...also one of my all time favorite bands." - Chris D

What is your all-time favorite percussion part? Everything is fair game, from the drum machine to the cowbell.

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