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Keep company during A Prairie Home Companion

Posted at 4:12 PM on November 15, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Has it been a quiet week in your hometown?

I kicked off a discussion asking just that. For me, a truer sense of Fall is settling in here in my hometown. Thursday night I came home - late - to discover the lawn freshly raked & mowed, looking about as nice as our lot can get. As a bonus our neighbors finally raked their lawn. If you're reading this and you recognize yourself, know I was starting to hit the concerned-something-was-amiss point, because you're usually tidier than that. You would have had me on your doorstep this weekend all Gladys Kravitz-y in worry. Now I feel all busybody, but sometimes a neighbor has got to be, I guess. Just glad the external signs indicate things are alright over there.

Don't wait for the online community to end up on your doorstep. Join the discussion in our online group prairiehome.gather.com, and tell us: Has it been a quiet week in your hometown? It is a good way to keep some virtual company while the show airs.

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