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Ask not what Obama can do for you?

Posted at 6:59 AM on November 5, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Yesterday I pointed to our next agenda idea generator, where you answer the question, "What should the next government champion that would improve your life...and why?" There's an interesting mix of policy priorities and personal requests, but in the early light of this day I started thinking more and more about Bob Collins' post on News Cut where he turns the mirror back on citizens. How are you going to change? Collins kicks it off:"

Barack Obama is going to the White House. His message resonated, at least part of his message, with people voting today But another part of his message was a call to civic duty, or volunteering.

Are you intending to volunteer more? If so, how? Where? When? If not, why not?

Are you going to -- as he suggested in Denver -- turn off the TV. Are fathers going to be more engaged with their children?"

Some of the answers are political and some are practical:
"As a liberal I was shocked to see how little liberals volunteer their time, talents and money. The folks I've seen working soup kitchens, driving seniors for meals or delivering meals and contributing to homeless shelters have been conservatives. That was a huge shock to me. I just assumed conservatives were sitting home counting their money and liberals were out there donating and helping. Since conservatives volunteer and donate more than liberals, Obama must be chiding my fellow liberals." - Posted by moi61537

"As someone who works in nonprofits, specifically with the Homeless community in Minneapolis, I know first hand the need for new blood with volunteers. Because of the state the economy is in, contracts will most likely not be renewed at their current values and individual giving is at an all time low due to the financial crunch. [...]" - Posted by nicole

"Whoa Bob....Easy on that 'fathers going to be more engeged with their children.' Father-bashing is so last century. As for volunteering Why? The government will do it all!! Seriously, isn't Obama sending a mixed message? Big government, soft-socialism --- then volunteering?" - Posted by GregS

I'll admit I'm much more interested in the practical answers to this question, but perhaps the political answers say more about us.

* Submit your ideas or comment on existing points for the next agenda
* Tell us how - or if - you're going to be more involved in your community on News Cut

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