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News Cut on Mumbai

Posted at 4:48 PM on November 30, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

If you like to take a news story and turn it over in your mind as if you were looking for a puzzle's starting point, you might try MPR's News Cut. The beginning isn't the only way to discover a series of events.

On News Cut Bob Collins took a look at the Mumbai story from angles that might appeal to you - or just might make you think - and you can comment on entries. Each of these blog posts gave me something different to consider:

* Guns in Mumbai If you had a gun in Mumbai, would you have been able to use it? Can we judge those that didn't? What is the role of the police, and will that change after these attacks?

* How Mumbai changed the media landscape... again This really isn't another media-on-the-media story again, but rather one about how the media evolves. Especially when the media is in your hands.

* The face of the Mumbai attacks I wonder how this image will haunt us. Does it haunt you? Is the attacker the defining image of the Mumbai attacks - or are the hands at the window, one giving a peace sign (or a victory sign?), the one we should hold? Both?

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