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Speaking of Faith's "Being Autistic, Being Human"

Posted at 2:59 PM on October 17, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

If you haven't listened yet, catch Speaking of Faith's Being Autistic, Being Human. From the progran description:

One child in every 150 in the U.S. is now diagnosed to be somewhere on the spectrum of autism. We step back from public controversies over causes and cures and explore the mystery and meaning of autism in one family's life, and in history and society. Our guests say that life with their child with autism has deepened their understanding of human nature -- of disability, and of creativity, intelligence, and accomplishment.
Considering the personal and political controversies that surround autism, I'm interested in what may come of host Krista Tippett's companion post. Is it an opportunity for more comprehension or reflection? She writes,
" [...] And yet Paul and Jennifer help me grasp that autism is not one thing but a spectrum on the vast continuum of human personality. Autism has deepened their understanding of disability and of intelligence, curiosity, and accomplishment."
What is your experience with Autism? What is your understanding of its impact on our communities?

* Join Krista Tippett's discussion on Gather.com: What It Means for Me to Be Human

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