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Posted at 9:45 AM on October 22, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Looking for something to discuss? Here are my picks from some of our blogs:

* When Senior economics editor Chris Farrell titles a blog entry, "Read it--and weep" I have to wonder if others are primed to cry, too. What is it? Farrell first quotes an economist at Boston College and recaps, "Yes, you read that right. The average American worker is exposed to too much risk when it comes to their retirement savings." Catch the economist's numbers and a link to the full report on My Two Cents.

* Tom Scheck of Polinaut blogs that Bachmann says she regrets her comments. Considering some of the reactions, would anyone be surprised she has regrets? Scheck opens the floor to a fresh take by asking, "What do you think of Bachmann's comments?"

* Guess the "Don't try this at home" label wasn't used. News Cut offers an entry about the YouTube 'bombings'. Bob Collins writes, "Up in Superior, Wisconsin, three 13-year olds have been linked to a 'series of small homemade bombs that had gone off around town over four days,' according to the Duluth News Tribune." Post your comments, I'll be reading them.

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