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Are you burned out by the campaign?

Posted at 8:41 AM on October 20, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Jim, a regular contributor to our groups on Gather.com, opened a discussion about campaign fatigue:

"Are you as burned out as I am? Seems as though this campaign has lasted forever."
Not only did others echo Jim's feelings, but a few had very specific points or suggestions. Some choice excerpts:
"How about a one term 6 year Presidency instead. Maybe something can get done considering they spend two years campaigning....? That way we get 4 years of rest as well!!!!" - John S.

"It's a shame that elections happen during the baseball playoffs. I'd really like to watch baseball playoffs but they increase the time between innings so they can jamb in more comericials, which happen to be political commercials?" - Winston Smith

"We need a campaign law saying they've got 3 weeks to get the nomination, then they go away until 3 weeks before the election." - MJ W.
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