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You replied: Have debates outlived their usefulness?

Posted at 2:31 PM on October 14, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Earlier today News Cut wondered, "Have debates outlived their usefulness?" As always, it is the replies that reveal:

"I think my expectations are pretty low for these events, so I'm not as easily frustrated or upset by the answers (or lack of answers) as some." - Posted by Bob Moffitt

"What does it say that the 'majors' in the news room ask the same questions as the earlier debate? Did they not listen or attend? Did the candidates not give good enough answers last week, how did they ask the question to get a different response?" - Posted by Brian Hanf

"I am disappointed that Debate Minnesota departed from their usual format, which emphasizes depth over breadth. Fewer topics covered at greater length is what we need to have anything close to a 'debate' and to learn something about how the candidates actually think. My guess is that the candidates insisted on this joint press conference format. Debate sponsors and the news media should push back." - Posted by Richard Rorty

Maybe the question really is about who is responsible for a good debate. The moderator? The participants? The voters? Post your comments.

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