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Are the people in your neighborhood just like you?

Posted at 8:52 AM on July 31, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Do you live amongst like-minded people? How does that affect the rest of the country?

Bill Bishop, author of "The Big Sort," says we are now more likely than ever to live in neighborhoods with people of the same religious, economic and political background as our own.
- From Policy and a Pint: The Big Sort

Are we subconsciously or deliberately drifting towards other like-minded people, or is this simply a fresh realization of how people have always lived? Do these communities change the nation? What if we consider redistricting?

Tonight The Current's Steve Seel and guest Bill Bishop will discuss what "The Big Sort" means for us this election year. This Policy and a Pint event will be held in MPR's UBS Forum. Bishop also appears on MPR Midmorning (10:06 a.m. CT) with guest Jim Gimpel to talk about the problem of political sameness.

Join our online discussion.

NOTICE! THE POLICY & A PINT EVENT IS SOLD OUT There is a waiting list - contact the Citizens League for more information.

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