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Can we have an honest talk about race?

Posted at 8:56 AM on June 1, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Weekend America's Desiree Cooper talked with Dawn Turner Trice, a columnist at the Chicago Tribune. Trice hosted an online forum about race. One comment on the Weekend America site gave me pause:

"I'm African American. I think that I'm a fairly well rounded and average individual. I have just as many white friends as African Americans. It's not that I don't trust whites, I just don't wholly believe it when you say 'we're all equal.' I think that for the most part, we all want this as Americans, but recent history -- this forum in fact -- shows that it isn't the case. I mean, Hilary makes a comment about assassination, and suddenly we're fearing for Obama's life. What's that say about race relations in America to me? It tells me that there is a strained politeness tinged with fear on both sides. We've come a long way, and we have a ways to go. But in my honest and humble opinion, that's where we stand. This may be a sweeping indictment, and imperfect at best. But it is what it is." -Terrill Dunn from St. Louis, MO

Do Dunn's words, "a strained politeness tinged with fear" sum it up? Read the show transcript and the comments for yourself, and share your perspective.

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