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Who marked Memorial Day?

Posted at 8:09 AM on May 28, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Memorial Day 2008 has come and gone, but this morning I spent some time on News Cut looking over the stories left behind at the veterans' memorials near the Capitol. Bob Collins posted several images, but when he wondered, "Who was Gary? And why a chocolate bar?"

Photo by Bob Collins.

He actually got an answer. Lucie commented:

"To answer your question, Gary is Gary McCue from Belle Plaine. He was the brother of my fabulous mother-in-law Jean McCue and her 4 other siblings: Mike, Pat, Jan and Shelli.

Jean usually goes to the Memorial and leaves something because as she once told me, 'It's the only thing I can do for him now.' And Jean is a do-er from a family of do-ers who miss their brother every day."

While Lucie didn't elaborate on the chocolate bar that carried the message, she not only answered Bob's question, she answered mine. Who not only remembers but marks Memorial Day? Do-ers remember and act. Why? Is missing someone an emotion, a task, a state of being that results in action?

Read and comment on News Cut with your own perspective.

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