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What is your favorite Replacements song, and why?

Posted at 3:10 PM on May 15, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Those Musicheads focused on local music in this week's show. They discussed the latest from Atmosphere, Cloud Cult, Doomtree, Dosh, and Tapes n' Tapes. Bill also took the weekly question and made it local, asking you to name your favorite Replacements song and share what makes it so good for you. Some of the (excerpted) replies:

"Bastards of Young..... cause I understand exactly what they are saying and coming from on it...." - Eric P.

"...I'm going to have to say that "Unsatisfied" is probably my favorite Replacements song. It has so many levels of emotion to it, longing, sadness, perhaps hopelessness, perhaps some anger, all wrapped up in a dreamy, jangly musical package..." - Frick

"It's hard to pick one, but 'Little Mascara' is probably the under-appreciated gem among the entire catalog. I like how Westerberg can take the act of crying and describe it simply as "losing a little mascara." And while the song is busy rocking away, Paul is singing about some pretty weighty emotions that I think many people can connect with...." - Mark J.

Don't be shy. Join this discussion to share your opinion of their best tune and edit The Replacements' entry in Minnewiki to share the history.

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