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Discuss the mortgage meltdown

Posted at 1:35 PM on May 14, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

The mortgage market mess is worth discussing. Where do we begin?

MPR and the Citizen's League team up for a live event discussion in Policy and a Pint: Mortgage Meltdown, Thursday May 15, 2008. (Note: You must register to attend)

For those that haven't attended a Policy and a Pint event, I can only describe it as an open, direct, and engaging community discussion in a relaxed setting. The Current's Steve Seel opens and moderates the conversation, and also gives attendees a chance to pose questions. Guests Richard Todd and Kara McGuire share answers and advice during the event, but we can start - and continue - the discussion online. From the event description:

Everyone knows the mortgage market is in crisis - and that it's dragging down the rest of the economy. But what caused it? How can we get out of it? And how can homeowners - and potential buyers - in Minnesota protect themselves?

Faced with those questions, what advice would you give to others on buying, selling, or financing a home? What paths can we take to correct the market? Join the online discussion and/or attend the event.

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