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Three ways and hotdish?

Posted at 2:18 PM on March 26, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

While the title may imply public radio is trying to woo the Alexis on the Sexes audience, we're actually referring to... food.

The Current's Barb Abney documents how she's missing her "three ways", which she describes as consisting of "Skyline chili, spaghetti and a mountain of finely shredded room temperature mild cheddar cheese." I'm pretty sure I'd try that, even though I'm a bit suspicious of the cinnamon in the chili sauce. (Anthony Bourdain exposed that ingredient.) She explains she begs folks in Cincinnati to send her care packages with cans of the stuff.

Now Abney's trying to return the favor (flavor?) and is really after a slice of Minnesota Life. She's wondering what Minnesotan foods represent our fair state enough for her to send to her friends and relatives in Ohio:

"When I think of Minnesotan food, I think of casseroles with cream soup and frozen vegetables topped with tater tots! But hot-dish doesn't ship well, so I'm looking for your suggestions."
What should she pack up and send? Join the discussion to share your ideas.
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