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Reactions to the Spitzer story

Posted at 8:17 AM on March 12, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Reactions in our online discussion inspired by the NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer story have been mixed and measured. Here are some example replies from Destruction upon discovery: Would you take the risk if you had everything to lose?:

"I have always held the highest esteem for Eliot Spitzer but this just sends chills up and down my spine...This is what is wrong with our current political sturcture today - too much power being willfully given to so few. - The temptations are simply just too great for most to refrain from...that being money, sex, power, prestige and/or access. I feel for Governor Spitzer's wif and three children." - John H.

"We may not be electing saints, but supposedly we are electing people who are capable of letting reason overcome emotion and other urges. Occassionally giving into to sexual urges may understood and forgiven, but when accompanied by hypocrisy that is another matter." - Carol LeHane

"I don't know why they risk everything. Perhaps it's the thrill of the risk. I don't believe that public figures caught in these situation ever believe they'll be caught at it." - M.K. Mueller

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