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Ever end up a fan of the opening band?

Posted at 8:41 AM on March 26, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

This week, our Musicheads revisit SXSW and ask Who's an artist/band you've seen "by Accident?" Maybe they were the opening band, maybe you bought the wrong album (say, you picked up The Best of The Gap Band instead of The Band...) or maybe you just were in the right bar at what you originally thought was the wrong time.

Responses are interesting already:

* Jacquie M. saw Clem Snide at "this little dive in Texas--known for good burgers and cold Lone Star."

* Tim tagged along, "I was driving across back to Minnesota from Oregon, and stopped to see some friends in Colorado. [Widespread Panic] was playing that night so I went. They are my favorite Band to this day."

* Deb A. recalls, "I was at a little bar near La Honda, California and I snuck in underage, I was 19 years old. A guy walks in with a guitar case and played for all twelve of us for about an hour. His name was Neil Young and he lived down the road."

Join the conversation and share your own "accidental" musical discovery.

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