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Don't lose the lost city of Mille Lacs

Posted at 2:23 PM on February 18, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Bob Collins wrote about the intriguing nature of a temporary community in his News Cut entry, "The lost city of Lake Mille Lacs." I didn't want to let that blog entry get lost in updates, as he mentions,

"There are probably some sociological studies to be done about why we put ice houses next to each other on a vast lake, when we're trying to --among other things -- 'get away from it all.'"

and GregS replied:

"If one is seeking fish, it is best to go where fish go. It is the fish, not the fishermen who are social."

While I might challenge that as the only reason, it strikes me as a particularly Minnesotan one. Add your theories as to why ice houses cluster together and give Bob a point to ponder.

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