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Share your take on cover songs

Posted at 8:10 AM on January 15, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Mark Wheat wants to know how you feel about covers: Cover songs ... don't ya just hate'em !? Wheat pushes the question a little farther:

Does an artist have to bring something new to the song, or just in a style of their own that makes it work?

The replies are pretty positive and positively interesting. Here are a couple excerpts that stood out for me:

Ashley says, "As a musician/singer I like to throw in a couple cover songs. They are a crowd pleaser at shows. I like to change them up a bit... revamp them... add some spoken word and make them my own."

ucis notes, "When a band records or plays a cover it should be a unique interpretation or homage to the original creator. It should not be a carbon copy."

Zach Benson points out, "Back in the 'day', weren't most songs covers? I type that kind of tongue in cheek. But a lot of great songs weren't written by the person who made them famous. The line between songwriter and artist was much clearer."

Don't just linger here contemplating the topic, join in with your comment.

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