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Facemelter: Play air guitar in your cubicle

Posted at 11:59 AM on January 8, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

The Current launches Facemelter today. Let me give you the details straight up:

flames.jpgWho: Jill Riley and Brett Baldwin for The Current.
What: Facemelter is a podcast about guitar solos that are so awesome THEY MELT YOUR FACE.
When: Weekly. It will put a little rock and roll into your work week.
Where: Wherever you take it. Subscribe to the download or listen here.
Why: Facemelters need no "why." They exist for the sheer joy of shredding.

You can contact Facemelter with a comment, to suggest a facemelting solo, or even share a picture of you in all your facemelted glory. And if you play air guitar in your cube, we won't tell.

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