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Vikings win!

Posted at 1:48 PM on December 18, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

I'll confess to secretly loving sports writing. Like poetry translated from its original language, sports coverage has all sorts of strange cultural references and unexpected turns of phrase. Everything sounds so pretty if you can't understand the brutality of what actually happened! The wild use of verbs is invigorating, too.

At any rate, I noticed this feed headline: "Vikings win ugly to stay in playoff hunt"

*Polite cough* Unsure what to make of that, I checked with MPR's Tom Scheck (he knows more than politics, my friends) to assess my interpretation. From that strange headline I deduced:

1) The Minnesota Vikings won a game.
2) It wasn't a graceful game.
3) The Vikings still have a chance to choke in the playoffs.

Scheck's reply cracked me up. He confirmed that yes, they won an ugly game, and "they still have a chance to choke and NOT make the playoffs." Guess that means they have more opportunity than I originally gave them!

Fortunately, later today William Wilcoxen covered the story with a more casual-fan-friendly headline: "Vikings win to stay in playoff hunt."

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