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News discussion topics for the 12/21/2007 weekend

Posted at 3:13 PM on December 21, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Don't be caught this weekend without a topic! I was tempted to go with heartwarming holiday tales, but really, someone else is bound to serve that dish. If you're at a party or hosting relatives, here are a few alternative topics and my notes about them.

* Castro Says He Will Not Retain Power Forever (NPR) We all have to embrace our mortality sometime. Talking about Castro gives you a reason to fire up the Greatest Generation and really get them on a roll about Cuba, communism or the embargo. On the flip side if offers you a chance to explain to younger discussion participants why Fidel might have a longer lasting impact on our culture than Hannah Montana. Warning: This topic may cause heated arguments or utter boredom. Report back results!
* Spas give kids the treatment (Marketplace) So much for grubby kids - they're getting manicures now. A good one for riling up the frugal or getting today's parents on the subject of "spoiling."
* Today's dispatches from Planet Pooch (News Cut) Bob Collins covers the puppy news just in time!

Share your own conversation-starters suitable for making small talk with that relative you haven't seen since this past Thanksgiving and won't see again until next Thanksgiving, to kill time in line because you haven't shopped yet, or to carefully connect with the people near you, even if the truce is temporary.

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