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News discussion topics for the 12/07/2007 weekend

Posted at 3:50 PM on December 7, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Don't be caught this weekend without a topic! My notes in italics.

For the first time sex offenders may get life sentences (MPR)
As in life, with no chance for parole. Honestly, if you can't get someone's opinion on this they might not have opinions at all.

Gift Card Purchases Due to Surge (NPR)
Ah gift cards. A present from the thoughtless & lazy or from someone who wants you to be able to choose how you splurge on yourself?

Airlines plan to pack in more per flight (Marketplace)
Overbooking, here we come! The next step in evolution is allowing passengers to sublet their own laps. When was the last time you had an open seat next to you on a commercial flight? Would you take a later flight for a free flight pass?

Share your own conversation-starters for catching up with the coworkers you rarely get a chance to see, while purchasing that perfect "experienced" vintage outfit, or to distract you (and your kitchen helper) while doing dishes.

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