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Is Led Zeppelin the greatest band ever?

Posted at 2:18 PM on December 12, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Amidst the media coverage of the recent Led Zeppelin reunion, The Current's Mark Wheat wants to get to the point of it:

Let's answer this once and for all, which side are you on and explain why;
The A-Side of the argument is ..."Led Zep are the best band ever"
B-Side...if not them then who?

Mark posed the question on The Current's Music Blog, and this being the Internet people shared their opinion. Surprising, I know.

People like Tib, who took the A-side :

"Yep. Zeppelin are the greatest band ever. I didn't get the sense of intensity, mystery and wonder from the Beatles, even in the more druggy stuff.

I'm a sucker for hippie mysticism, love the blues, and also the world music influences in Zep's music--I'm a fan of Arabic rhythms and sounds, and trad music. All that, blended with Zeppelin's killer riffs and alternately hypnotic and raw sound, just does it for me. I saw them live on their last tour and...wow. Just...wow."

Or Michael who went for the B-doesn't-necessarily-stand-for-Beatles-side:

"...Sure the Beatles made and then changed rock n roll and sure the Stones are the Stones and their performance energy/sound has endured until recently, but U2 is the giant among giants and as a result are and will further be the greatest band ever..."

Read and comment while the topic is hot!

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