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Discussion topics for the 12/14/2007 weekend

Posted at 4:02 PM on December 14, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Don't be caught this weekend without a topic! My notes in italics.

Grammar Grater: Temptations of the Flush (Grammar Grater, MPR)
Who doesn't love to grapple over grammar? Take a straw poll of how people use or misuse the words "flesh" and "flush", and if that doesn't get the conversation going just ask them if they drink soda or pop.

Adding up the celebrity endorsements (MPR)
If a politician is good enough for a porn star, is the candidate good enough for you? Anyway, ask the people around you: Are there any celebrities that would inspire them to vote for someone? How about against someone?

E-mail scam targets holiday giving (MPR)
Find out if people you know fall for phishing or other fraudulent email scams...Or if they think there's an especially toasty place in the afterlife for con artists who pose as charities.

Share your own conversation-starters for opportunities to drop the latest buzz words, to break the ice with that shy neighbor, or to offer a friendly diversion for a favorite - and currently beleaguered - bank teller.

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