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Canaries in an economic coalmine

Posted at 7:46 AM on December 12, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Bob Collins took a look at the pocket economy, in which the economic "truth is best uncovered by the worker bees among us." He points not to the professors and economists but to a package delivery driver and a server, two people who shared their daily experiences with the ebb and flow of business. They don't just say business is sllllooooowwwww, they give some examples.

That's not enough for Collins. He's looking for what you discover and asks you to survey the people you meet who take your money in routine business and report back. Think of how many people you deal with on any given day...maybe we can get an interesting picture of the money world around us.

Taking the arctic temperature

Posted at 9:15 AM on December 12, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Looking beyond our own backyards:

* Arctic Sea: Ice free summers by 2012? Updraft, Minnesota Public Radio's weather blog
* Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013' BBC

Does it really matter if it is 2012 or 2013?

Is Led Zeppelin the greatest band ever?

Posted at 2:18 PM on December 12, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Amidst the media coverage of the recent Led Zeppelin reunion, The Current's Mark Wheat wants to get to the point of it:

Let's answer this once and for all, which side are you on and explain why;
The A-Side of the argument is ..."Led Zep are the best band ever"
B-Side...if not them then who?

Mark posed the question on The Current's Music Blog, and this being the Internet people shared their opinion. Surprising, I know.

People like Tib, who took the A-side :

"Yep. Zeppelin are the greatest band ever. I didn't get the sense of intensity, mystery and wonder from the Beatles, even in the more druggy stuff.

I'm a sucker for hippie mysticism, love the blues, and also the world music influences in Zep's music--I'm a fan of Arabic rhythms and sounds, and trad music. All that, blended with Zeppelin's killer riffs and alternately hypnotic and raw sound, just does it for me. I saw them live on their last tour and...wow. Just...wow."

Or Michael who went for the B-doesn't-necessarily-stand-for-Beatles-side:

"...Sure the Beatles made and then changed rock n roll and sure the Stones are the Stones and their performance energy/sound has endured until recently, but U2 is the giant among giants and as a result are and will further be the greatest band ever..."

Read and comment while the topic is hot!

Those quotable Musicheads

Posted at 3:33 PM on December 12, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Each week the Musicheads crack open some music and talk about it. This week they unwrap some gift suggestions like The Radiohead box set, "The Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration" box set, and the "This Is Reggae Music" box set. If you don't run with the box set, there's also some single CD and DVD options for the budget-challenged or cheapskates among us.

At any rate, I not-so-secretly love to crack open their podcast and this week I grabbed the best quotes:

Melanie Walker on why she'd give her children - if she had children - the Radiohead box set, "It's my Pink Floyd, it's my Led Zepplin, it's my Beatles... it's Radiohead."

The Stax Records "fingersnapping" logo was declared one of the best logos in music history by Musicheads host Bill DeVille.

Mark Wheat on doing the funky chicken, "I love that."

Be quotable in your own way, join the online discussion.

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