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News discussion topics for the 11/09/2007 weekend

Posted at 10:32 AM on November 9, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Don't be caught without a topic!

1) Leave no factoid unturned Some angles: Is Hillary a bad tipper? Would you vote for a candidate who was rude to waitstaff? How do candidates control their message and handle whispers? (MPR's Polinaut)

2) The Winds of Hell Despite the Herman Wouk-esque headline, this is about the 1940 Armistice Day Storm that killed 49 people in Minnesota. For your consideration: Can we really complain about weather today? Are you prepared for bad weather yet?

3) Boycott Chinese Toys So says Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell. Resolve the argument: Who should actually do something about this, the government or the consumers? (Marketplace / My Two Cents blog)

Share your own conversation-starters suitable for milling about before The Current Fakebook with John Waters event, a dinner party, or to while away time in line at the hardware store.

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