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Welcome to Monday

Posted at 8:58 AM on November 26, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Monday mornings after a long holiday weekend might seem like an uphill battle, or a downhill mess of e-mail. Try these features or online activities for a little relief:

Join us today @ 11 a.m. for a LIVE online chat with Amy Sedaris!

Enjoy a Fall Mosaic. MPR's chief meteorologist Paul Huttner shares a pretty description of his drive over the river and through the woods.

What inspires Jim Klobuchar The former Star Tribune columnist hangs out with Gary on Midday today at 11 a.m. Klobuchar will talk about the people who have inspired him.

Join the live online chat with Amy Sedaris now!

Posted at 10:56 AM on November 26, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

We already have a few questions lined up, so join in now to get your question in queue. Or simply follow along, because this is going to be fun!

Chat transcript: Amy Sedaris

Posted at 12:10 PM on November 26, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

If you missed the online chat with Amy Sedaris you can still check out the transcript.

The chat itself was a suggestion from one of our discussion group members. If you have suggestions for online chat guests, please don't hesitate to share them and I'll see what I can do.

The retail story isn't over yet

Posted at 2:33 PM on November 26, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Can you register two more holiday shopping stories? Because the retail tale isn't over:

*Holiday sales forecast: Mixed (Minnesota Public Radio)

*Cyber Monday Launches Online Holiday Shopping (National Public Radio)

Can you describe the 1960s?

Posted at 3:51 PM on November 26, 2007 by Julia Schrenkler

Inspired by MPR's Midday: Brokaw struggles to sum up the '60s, I fired up a quick discussion. Some answers:

"I saw Tom Brokaw interviewed about the book, and just bought it for my dad for Christmas! The 60's to me...peace, love and rock and roll!"

"From what I remember, I think I had a good time."

"aside from the brave men and woman who were sent off to fight a war, which was started by a lie, by LBJ, the 60's was an era of doped up losers."

Join the online discussion to share your own definition of the generation, or just the decade. Or review Brokaw's new book: Boom!: Voices of the Sixties Personal Reflections on the '60s and Today.

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