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MPR prez Bill Kling on Midday at 11 a.m.

Posted at 10:50 AM on September 28, 2007 by Bill Wareham (2 Comments)

Kind of a late heads up, but I always like to let folks know when Bill Kling - the guy who's been running MPR for the last 40 years - turns up on Midday. He's Gary Eichten's guest at 11 and he'll take listener calls.

Comments (2)

When the 35W bridge collapsed we tuned into 91.1 to here more about what was occuring. My wife and I were dismayed to hear the regularly scheduled programing. We had to go to another station to get real time news. As member of MPR we were less then impressed with this repsonse. Your comments?

Posted by Jeff | September 28, 2007 12:36 PM


I understand your frustration and it's something we've talked about quite a bit in reviewing what we did that night. The fact is, we broke into programming at least four times from the time we first heard of the collapse just before 6:30 pm and about an hour when we started reporting on it continuously for several hours.

The challenge in that first hour was that we had very little first hand information on what had occured. Out of sheer good luck, Cathy Wurzer happened to be near the scene at the time and called in to report live at about 6:50. Out of sheer bad luck, her cell phone died on her.

In retrospect I think I would've had Tom Crann just keep repeating the sketchy information we had rather than go back to regular programming. Of course, this seems like a no-brainer in hindsight. At the time, though, things were pretty chaotic and the things we know now weren't apparent from the start.

I'm glad you let us know how you felt about it. It'll make us better the next time we're faced with something like this.

-Bill Wareham

Posted by Bill Wareham | September 28, 2007 2:21 PM