Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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Seems like a reasonable idea to me

Posted at 5:57 PM on June 6, 2007 by Bill Wareham (2 Comments)

A few Star Tribune news staffers who accepted buyouts have posted thoughts about their careers and the journalism industry past, present and future over at buzz.mn. One of columnist Doug Grow's observations caught my eye:

One of the reasons to go is I’m not necessarily convinced that we’re headed in the right direction now. And I hope I’m wrong, because I want the paper to succeed. I really believe in the end that the franchise is still ours to wake the town and tell the people that the news is more than the most recent murder, that our audience is very engaged, very involved. Sure it’s going to be more online, but you can’t replace reporters on the street. And there’s got to be a place for this. Maybe it’s going to have to be in a non profit, public radio format.[emphasis mine]

Not to be defensive, but he makes the notion sound far-fetched.

Comments (2)

Awesome. I'm glad some of the quality STribbers are going to find new homes at MPR.

Posted by Taylor | June 6, 2007 10:57 PM

I hope I didn't leave the impression that Mr. Grow is headed our way. I've had no contact with him about the possibility, and I'm not aware of anyone here who has.

I was merely trying to suggest that I found his wording a little funny, the notion that "maybe" there could be a place for solid journalism in public radio. I happen to think there already is.

Posted by Bill Wareham | June 7, 2007 11:50 AM