Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Midmorning: Conservatism and the "selfish generation"

Posted at 8:00 AM on March 7, 2007 by Bill Wareham

Conservatives, particularly religious ones, are wondering which presidential candidate to back among a field that seems much more moderate than they'd like. At 9 a.m., Republican analysts join Kerri Miller to size up the prospects. They include Matthew Continetti, associate editor at the Weekly Standard, and author of The K Street Gang: The Rise and Fall of the Republican Machine; David Winston, Republican pollster and strategist who leads the Winston Group, a political research firm; and Mark Smith, a conservative commentator and author of The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

At 10 a.m., Kerri examines results of a new study indicate that members of the "millennial generation" are more selfish and narcissistic than their predecessors. One critic says the study is just another example of the endless negativity aimed at today's kids. Kerri's guests are Jean Twenge, associate professor of psychology at San Diego State University and lead author of the recent study Egos Inflating Over Time. She's also the author of the book Generation Me: Why Today's Young Americans are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled...and More Miserable Than Ever Before. Also, William Strauss, historian, playwright, and co-author (with Neil Howe) of Millennials and the Pop Culture and Millennials Rising.