Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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Mojo in action

Posted at 2:11 PM on December 5, 2006 by Mike Edgerly

Following up on Bill's previous post...

Right or wrong, the future of journalism or not, mojo-ing the news is impressive to watch in the field. At a bowling alley in Ida Grove, Iowa last July, I watched the Des Moine Register's Michael Corey edit and upload video to the paper's Web site.

Corey, the paper's Online Content Manager/Assistant Editor, and his colleagues were covering Ragbrai, the big traveling circus of a bike ride sponsored by the Register. Ragbrai's 12,000 or so cyclists roll through the country-side and, given the fact it's Iowa in July, this is just about the biggest story around at this time of year.

From a separate location reporters had uploaded their copy. From his vantage point in a beer soaked bar crowded with sweaty bikers, Corey uploaded his video. If I recall correctly, mojo-ing in the Register's world meant everybody did everything. Photographers for example, would not only shoot and send pictures, they might also send copy, or content that would become copy. Most impressive is how everything is geared for the now, which in the back road towns in Iowa means taking a high speed connection where ever you can find it.

By the way, Corey's video was a short take on the town of Anthon's "poop bingo" attraction. Poop bingo involves a well-fed chicken and something that looks a checker board.

Hey, it's Ragbrai. And the video was very cool.

Mojo is worth a look.